Pet Supplement

My four-legged furry firstborn, Jett, is 14 years old. A supplement I like to think has helped him age gracefully is Mother Earth Labs Pet Wellness. Possessing over 72+ macro, micro, and trace minerals provided by high quality humic and fulvic, this specific pet formula promises to detox, restore, and replenish your four-legged child.  So far … Continue reading Pet Supplement

You Be You

A book I ordered yesterday; You Be You by Jamie Ivey, promises to show why satisfaction and success are closer than I think. An Austinite, Jamie and I attend the same church (but different locations) along with her husband, Aaron Ivey, who happens to be our Pastor of Worship and their four kids, three of which joined their family … Continue reading You Be You

Don’t forget to turn off your WiFi!

When was the last time you turned off your wi-fi? I mean really turned it off at the router.  A habit I’ve gotten into since Landrie’s birth is turning off/unplugging our wireless router at night.  Did you know the World Health Organization classifies electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) in Group 2B as possible human carcinogen? We are bombarded … Continue reading Don’t forget to turn off your WiFi!

Punkpost + Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner, have you considered what you’ll be sending your mom, grandma and/or friend mom this year?  Due to our current health crisis and shelter-in-place, picking up a snail mail card could be challenging.  I’d like to introduce you to PUNKPOST.  It’s one of my go-to apps for unique, thoughtful handwritten … Continue reading Punkpost + Mother’s Day

Woom Bikes

Founded in Vienne, Austria and headquartered (since 2014) in Austin, Texas, Woom’s goal is to build bikes that inspire children and their parents. With an arrangement of custom bikes for kids ages 1.5 years up to 14 years old, Woom’s kid friendly designs are 40% lighter than the average child’s bike, have child specific hand breaks, no … Continue reading Woom Bikes


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