Punkpost + Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day around the corner, have you considered what you’ll be sending your mom, grandma and/or friend mom this year?  Due to our current health crisis and shelter-in-place, picking up a snail mail card could be challenging.  I’d like … Continue reading Punkpost + Mother’s Day

Woom Bikes

Founded in Vienne, Austria and headquartered (since 2014) in Austin, Texas, Woom’s goal is to build bikes that inspire children and their parents. With an arrangement of custom bikes for kids ages 1.5 years up to 14 years old, Woom’s kid friendly … Continue reading Woom Bikes

Blue Blocking Glasses

Due to the current health crisis, we’ve all transitioned to more screen time. I thought it apropos to mention the importance of blue blocking glasses. These glasses help minimize the junk light that radiates from our screens, which can negatively … Continue reading Blue Blocking Glasses

Beauty Counter

When my thoughtful mom-friend, Lindsay, asked me if I wanted to come on board with her Beauty Counter team a few years ago, I was like “heck yay!”, I already buy it, why not help promote something I believe in … Continue reading Beauty Counter


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