Xlear Nose Spray

If you live in Austin, you’ve probably been sneezing and blowing your nose a little more lately thanks to ragweed.  During these allergy times, a nose spray I rely on for myself and Landrie is Xlear (pronounced clear) made with xylitol and grapefruit seed extract.  The company Xlear was founded over 20 years ago by the son of Dr. Lon Jones. Dr. Jones discovered the healing and preventive benefits of xylitol from Finland’s research on upper-respiratory health issues. This discovery led Dr. Jones to develop a xylitol nose spray in order to successfully treat his patients suffering from upper-respiratory issues.  If you are looking for a safe, inexpensive, and effective drug-free solution for colds, allergies and even the flu, Xlear is your answer.  Of course, I’m no doctor and this is not medical advice — I just play a doctor at home.

I recently learned in this podcast, Xlear has been in numerous COVID studies and they are showing a link in prevention to COVID when used.  Apparently, it’s not so much the xylitol that is helping but the grapefruit seed extract. Interesting. Click here to buy your bottle and click here for the kids’ version.