Don’t forget to turn off your WiFi!

When was the last time you turned off your wi-fi? I mean really turned it off at the router.  A habit I’ve gotten into since Landrie’s birth is turning off/unplugging our wireless router at night.  Did you know the World Health Organization classifies electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) in Group 2B as possible human carcinogen? We are bombarded with many EMFs, why not take this free step and turn off the wireless router at night? Oh, and if you sleep with your cell phone on your nightstand, turn it to airplane mode before going to sleep– don’t worry, your morning alarm will still work.  

TIP: If your router is not in a convenient place to access daily, simply plug it into a light timer like this one and program when you want the wireless one and off. 

Have any tips for eliminating EMF’s in your home? Please share.