Woom Bikes

Founded in Vienne, Austria and headquartered (since 2014) in Austin, Texas, Woom’s goal is to build bikes that inspire children and their parents. With an arrangement of custom bikes for kids ages 1.5 years up to 14 years old, Woom’s kid friendly designs are 40% lighter than the average child’s bike, have child specific hand breaks, no training wheels (for the littler ones) and fun to ride – Just ask Landrie.  

Woom bikes are more of an investment (ranging from $200 to $500) than your typical kid’s bike. But, if you have multiple kiddos, the quality-built bikes can easily be handed down.  If you’d rather not do a hand-me-down, for a 1-time additional fee of $59 dollars, you can participate in Woom’s upCYCLING program.  When your child outgrows their current Woom bike, in the upCYCLING program, Woom will reimburse you 40% of the original bike purchase when you order a new Woom bike within 24 months of your original purchase & return, via a complementary shipping label, the outgrown Woom bike back to them.

Balance is the name of the game when learning to ride a bike. Once a child has their balance, peddling is 2nd nature.  Landrie’s been balancing on her size 2 Woom bike for months. This past week, she decided she was ready to be “A big girl” (her words) and use her pedals.  Watch out hood… here come’s Landrie!

Click here to see the first day Landrie rode her bike as a “BIG GIRL”.