Blue Blocking Glasses

Due to the current health crisis, we’ve all transitioned to more screen time. I thought it apropos to mention the importance of blue blocking glasses. These glasses help minimize the junk light that radiates from our screens, which can negatively impact our body’s sleep-wake cycle.

In order to eliminate this junk light, at night I wear either the swanwick classic night blue blocking glasses or the truedark twilight classic. The swanwick glasses are easier to wear watching TV as they are not as drastic (meaning they don’t make everything red) as the truedark glasses. However, I perfer my truedark glasses when I’m reading on my ipad/phone.

Blocking out some blue light during the day is important too. When I’m on my computer during work hours, I wear the truedark transition sunglasses — they look like “regular” reading classes and help my eyes from screen fatigue.  

Bonus, both brands have kid size glasses.