A company I’m loving these days whose mission is to create quality products while prioritizing health over profit – PaleoValley. Landrie loves their naturally fermented, organic, grass feed beef sticks.  Their tasty organic supergreens powder drink mix hits the spot for me on those busy days when eating greens doesn’t happen. In addition, I know organ meats are packed with beneficial nutrients  and a good source of iron, but I just can’t stomach eating them – so instead,  I rely on PaleoValley’s grass-fed organ complex. All the benefits of organ meats without all the taste or chewing.  

I recently made these yummy Paleo Green Smoothie Muffins by The Natural Nurturer that incorporates PaleoValley’s supergreens powder. Landrie gave them a two thumbs up!

Interested in trying a few of PaleoValley’s products? Use promo code: TiffanyDerr10 to receive 10% off your order. 

If you have a favorite company you are digging these days, please share!