Summer Time


Before I had a kiddo, summer time always felt a little discombobulated.   The “normal” routine disrupted by children not in school, vacations, and friends wanting to escape the Austin, TX heat.  But now that I have a 3 year old who just spent her first year at “school,” the summer time vibe is chaotic.  I’m learning that summer time is a constant scheduling jigsaw puzzle. Between swim lessons, summer camps, babysitters, later evening bedtimes, trips and work, I’m living in a state of reaction.  And my little one is only 3!  Please tell me you can relate?

Oh, the dreamer in me dreams how nice it would be to check out for the summer and rotate between mountain and beach houses – then reality sets in. I don’t own either!

So now I’m simply (although easier said than done some days) embracing summer one day at a time. Trying to slow down and enjoy the chaos knowing this too shall pass. That I will look back with a smile, remembering that this was the summer Landrie really learned to swim. This was the summer she got to meet Mickey Mouse with her cousins in Disneyworld. This was the summer she discovered her love of lemon sorbet. This was the summer, I learned to settle into the craziness and let go.

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