The Greatest Adventure

My little one is 3 today. Three years she’s been on this earth. Three years I have been a mom.  I remember being told when she was born, “The days are long, BUT the years are short.”  True dat!

Not exactly sure when you transition from saying “Toddler” to “Preschooler”. Heck, I was just getting used to saying “Toddler” instead of “Baby”.  Maybe it’s when they stop toddling around and run everywhere? If that’s the case, than “Preschooler” it is.

l swing

A few “What I’ve Learned So Far On This Mommy-Hood Journey ” :

  • Clothes on a child with “clean” stains is better than no clothes on a child.
  • Clothes on mom with “clean” stains is better than no clothes on mom.
  • Arriving is the cake. Being on time is the icing.
  • Plans evolve around nap and bed time.
  • The car seat cover is difficult to wash – way too many straps to remove.
  • The importance of grace for myself and others. It is okay that my car smells like pee.
  • Replying to a non-work text within a week is the new normal.
  • When in doubt, play and laugh.
  • Dry shampoo is essential.
  • The only thing constant is change.
  • A glass of wine makes everything better.
  • They grow up way too fast.
  • I will rest when I’m dead.
  • It’s the greatest adventure yet.

L wagon 2


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