How many houses do I need to see before making an offer?

I’m often asked, especially by first time home buyers, how many houses does a person need to see before they are ready to buy one?  My answer, as with most answers in real estate, it just depends.

It depends on you….

Are you a shopper? When you discover something at a store you want to purchase, do you delay making that purchase until you have shopped around to confirm that the item is indeed the best option for you?

Are you a decisive buyer? When you find something that fits a need, are you fine with making that purchase without shopping around?

Are you a remorseful buyer ?  After making a purchase, do you often regret that what you purchased was not the best purchase for you?

Are you a consulting buyer?  Before you make a purchase, do you need others’ input to help weigh the pros and cons of the possible purchase?

I have had clients look at just one property, know without a doubt it was their house and submit an offer.

I have had clients look for months, some as long as a year or more, before they were ready to submit an offer.

I have had clients go under contract and for whatever reason (bad inspection, change of mind, financial uncertainty, etc.) terminate during their option period.  

“Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” – Will Rogers, actor

The first step to buying a house is to know YOUR buying tendencies.  Maybe you move fast and don’t need much time to think through things. Maybe you don’t make decisions quickly and are more analytical before making a decision.  Maybe you need to consult others before making a decision.  Regardless, there is no perfect way or time frame to buying a house —  it simply depends on you.

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