Landrie recently celebrated her 18 month old birthday.  Everyone says that the days are long and the years are short — I’m starting to understand that as truth more and more. With that said, I wish I could stop time.  Keep sweet Landrie this little girl, that is fearless, silly, confident and curious about the world.

For instance, there’s no comparing in her world. There’s no feelings that she doesn’t fit in or measure up to another person’s standards. She couldn’t care less if her clothes match or even if they are clean.   She is not stressed with how much money is in the bank.  She is not concerned about the type of preschool she may end up attending.  She doesn’t care what part of town she lives in, what type of car she’s driven in or how many “likes” she may get on Instagram.  She’s not familiar with embarrassment or second guessing herself.  If she’s upset, she’s fine letting you know with an unapologetic loud cry.  She’s not afraid to try something new with the high possibility of not succeeding the task at first and then trying again.  When you make a parenting mistake, she easily forgives.

What she does care about is that you give her your time and attention. That you stay off your phone and play with her.  That you feed her when she’s hungry.  Change her diaper when it needs it. Hold her when she’s upset. Read to her when she brings you a book. Blow her bubbles when she asks.  Let her play in the dirt and rocks.  She’s perfectly happy and content being her true, innocent self.

Although I’m only 18 months into this parenting gig, I’m learning it really isn’t a one way street. This little girl is teaching her mommy more than she knows.  I can’t stop time, but what I can do is slow down, enjoy the moments and keep learning from my little on how to be my authentic self.

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