Must Have Top 10 Baby Items

Having your 1st baby can be pretty overwhelming — at any age.  We live in a modest size home and I knew I didn’t want a lot of baby “stuff” cluttering it up.  I was determined to register for just what I thought I needed and then figure out the rest after she got here.  While I was pregnant, I never once stepped into a Babies-R-us or Buy Buy Baby — those places scare me!  I did all my registry online.  It was prefect because it took away the scare, overwhelming factor — when I saw or heard of a baby item I wanted, I would go online and add it to my registry.   I used BabyList and Amazon Baby Registry — both of which are free to set up . (Here are the links to set them up – Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry and/or Baby List.

top 10 baby items_1


Below is break down of my “as close to non-toxic ” must have baby items and where to purchase them (just click on the highlighted text):

  1. *BABYBJORN Baby Carrier –  simple to use & durable
  2. *Dockatot – the best non-toxic sleeper, plus it’s portable. Perfect to travel with!
  3. *Baby Soothing Oil  – gentle for baby’s delicate skin
  4. *BOB 2016 Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller – great for those long walks with baby — be sure to get the correct car seat adapter that works with your chosen car seat
  5. *Lifefactory 4-ounce bPA-free glass baby bottle
  6. *Zoli Nail Trimmer — stress free nail trimming those tiny fingers
  7. *Organic Niche Nursing Pillow –  excellent for breastfeeding or bottle feeding
  8. *Milksnob Cover – ideal for breastfeeding or a cover-up for the car seat carrier
  9. *Newton Crib Mattress – worth the price! non-toxic, 100% breathable — that is what sold me; babies can breathe right through the mattress
  10. Low-Blue Nightlight – *click here and go to tech section — the only nightlight to have – most of the other ones are junk light.
landrie in her *dockatot deluxe — when she was about 7 months, she graduated to the  *dockatot grand



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