The New Social Life

I apologize in advance for being socially awkward – I love podcasts! In this season of life, they have become my new social life.   A podcast doesn’t require anything from me, except that I listen. If I don’t care for what it’s saying, it’s just plain boring or I’ve run out of time for it,  I can turn it off — no feelings hurt, no questions asked.  Brilliant! It gives. I take. Our relationship works so well.

Having my first (and hopefully not my last) little at 39 was a game changer.  There is a reason God didn’t make me a mom sooner – some of us (ME) need a little more molding, preparation then others.  Now instead of my flexible “without child schedule” that allowed me to meet a friend for a run or a glass of wine with very little planning, I take to the streets or trail with my toddler strapped into her *BOB stroller, golden retriever, Jett, and my iphone/podcast.

me and landrie in between podcasts waiting for Jett to come back

To help block ALL forms of EMF from my phone, I stumbled upon DefenderShields EMF radiation phone case.  Apparently, it’s one of the only products on the market that protects against 100% of all forms of radiation from our phones *(to learn more click here).  I typically listen to my podcasts on speaker.  I am so sorry to all those I pass by, I can only image what it sounds like I’m listening to :).

(Warning – awkward sentences — EMF, I always think of The Band – EMF. If you understand that reference, then <sing it> “You’re UNBELIEVABLE!”. We both must be over 40.)

With the age of technology, information is readily available and I am eager to learn as much as I can.  Here are some of the podcasts I’m enjoying these days:

Bulletproof Radio; One Extraordinary Marriage; The Evan Brand Show (previously known as Not just Paleo); Natural MD Radio; The Healthy Moms Podcast; Ben Greenfield Fitness; The Minimalist Podcast; Parenting Great Kids with Dr. Meg Meeker; Live to 110, Cellular Healing TV with Dr Pompa; For the Love with Jen Hatmaker

What are you interested in? Before you get in your car or go for a walk, download that podcast app, search for something that sounds interesting and hit play.  Kidding aside, it really won’t make you that awkward.  Dr. Seuss says it best, “You have BRAINS in your HEAD. You have FEET in your SHOES. You can STEER yourself in any DIRECTION you CHOOSE.”

If you already listen to podcasts, what are some of your favorites? Please share!

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