Mamma Juice

To be honest, I started drinking wine before I became a Mamma (shocking, I know).  And now that I’m a Mamma, I need this juice more than ever.  There’s something comforting when that 5:00 o’clock bell rings ( or sometimes that bell may ring at 4pm — no judging) and it’s time for my juice.  It’s like the marathon runner in the race of their life on the brink of bonking, then they take a sip of their sports drink and BAM, they are back in the race and can finish strong.   A perfect example, of a day in the life of a mamma, trying to finish the day with her little.  Can I get an A-MEN?!

landrie’s first wine tasting — don’t worry, it was a bio-dynamic vineyard

I remember when I first discovered *Dry Farm Wines a few years ago.  I was thrilled to learn about this wine club that tested wines to ensure they were real, non-toxic wine — no additives, no sugar, low sulfates, mold-free & organic.  TRANSLATIONwines that won’t make you feel bad the next morning —  no matter how old you are :)! .  Unfortunately, our wines don’t have to disclose what exactly is in them.  Most of our wines are highly processed — I was shocked to learn that the FDA has approved  over 76 chemicals & additives for the wine making process.  No wonder everyone feels bad after a few glasses of wine — it’s not the sulfates, like we’re all lead to believe, it’s all the added junk that we don’t even know is in our wine.

The proof is in the pudding ~ or in the wine glass.  I can say, when I go out  (which is rare these days with a toddler) and have that occasional non-tested, loaded with junk glass of wine — I feel lousy the next day.

So juice lovers unite, take it from me, do yourself a favor — order you a 6-pack from *Dry Farm Wines today…. your body and head will thank you!  (and if you order through the link provided in this post, you will get your first bottle for a penny!)

*This post includes affiliate links.  written in 2017

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  1. A-MEN to mama juice and to clean living ….! thank you Tiffany for making parenting in a world of toxic overload seem both do-able and fun! Can’t wait for your next posts !

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